Proud Participants of “Made For People” by UDIA Queensland

In the heart of Queensland, where development meets a passion for local people and places, there’s an exciting initiative called “Made For People” by UDIA Queensland. This initiative brings to the forefront the untold stories of development, connecting communities, and enriching lives. Dennis Family Corporation is proud to be part of this movement, contributing to the growth of vibrant and thriving communities across the state.



“Our mission is to connect you with the real story of development in our state: the passion powering every project, the innovation at work, and the industry’s enduring drive to make people’s lives and communities, better.”

“Queensland’s population is increasing at a rapid rate. Ensuring the provision of suburbs, neighbourhoods and towns is our number one priority. Vibrant community hubs where everyone feels connected – a true sense of belonging.”
Kirsty Chessher-Brown, CEO UDIA Queensland



As “Made For People” continues to unfold, it invites everyone to explore and share in Queensland’s development journey. It’s about more than just bricks and mortar; it’s about the lives that are impacted, the communities that are shaped, and the enduring sense of belonging that’s cultivated.

To learn more about this initiative by UDIA Queensland visit: