Terrace Home Construction Continues

There has been more progress on site at Summerlin Banyo. Get all the latest updates from the construction team below.


1. Scaffold has been dismantled & all upper levels have been painted externally.
2. Internally, 50% of buildings are lined with Gyprock.
3. Plumbing & electrical rough-ins are complete to all dwellings.
4. Work scheduled for the September includes roads & driveway areas to be prepped & poured, complete internal Gyprock lining, the commencement of skirtings & architraves, waterproofing & tiling to wet areas and the installation of cabinetry.


Terrace Homes Update 2

Terrace Homes Update

Lilly Apartments Construction is Underway

There has been further process to the Lilly Apartments site. Hear the latest from the construction team below.

1. The installation of services in the basement continue & are approximately 90% complete.
2. The level one slab was poured on 26th August, this is another major milestone for Lilly.
3. Work scheduled for the September includes the erection of level one columns and block walls, the commencement of stripping formwork for the ground level and the competition installation of services to the basement.


Lilly Construction Underway

 Lilly Construction Underway 2

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