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Poolside Update 1

Poolside Terraces Construction Continues

There has been more progress on site at Summerlin Banyo. Get all the latest updates from the construction team below.
1. All slab forming works are complete.
2. Three of the 4 concrete slabs have been poured.
3. The final slab will be poured once the weather has cleared with enough days to allow curing.
4. Brickworks has commenced on the first slab this week.

Given the progression of the initial works the timeline for the practical completion is currently scheduled for approx. October 2022.

Poolside Update 1

Poolside Update 2

Poolside Update 3

Lilly Apartments Construction is Underway

There has been further process to the Lilly Apartments site. Hear the latest from the construction team below.

1. Roof sheeting installation is complete. Capping has now commenced.
2. External rendering and finishes have commenced.
3. Cabinetry has commenced to level 1.
4. The Glazier is continuing with installing framing and glass to level 3. Wall sheeting is continuing to level 3.
5. Internal wall framing is 90% complete to level 4.
6. Plumbing and electrical rough ins has commenced to level 4.

At this stage settlements are forecasted for mid-2022.

Lilly Update 1

 Lilly Update 2

 Lilly Update 3

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