Poolside Terraces Construction Continues

The Poolside Terrace Homes are progressing! Check out below the latest updates.

  • Brickworks has commenced to all slabs, and is approximately 80% complete
  • Timber framing has commenced to 2 of the 4 concrete slabs, and is approximately 30% complete
  • Window and sliding door framing have been delivered to site for install as the carpenters progress
  • Plumbing and electrical rough ins are forecast to commence next month



Lilly Apartments Construction Update

Lilly Apartments construction is progressing! Find out the latest updates from the construction team below.

  • External rendering, finishes, and painting has been completed to level 4, with trades working from the top down
  • Render and paint to shared spaces is now 80% complete, with tiling now commenced to level 4.
  • Ground floor internal tiling is complete, Cabinetry is complete, all benchtops have been installed, whitegoods install is at 50%, and installation of plumbing fittings (toilets, sinks, taps) has commenced.
  • Level 1 internal tiling is 90% complete, cabinetry is 90% complete, all benchtops have been installed, whitegoods install has commenced, and installation of plumbing fittings has commenced.
  • Level 2 cabinetry is 90% complete, internal tiling is 70% complete, and all benchtops have been installed.
  • Level 3 internal and external wet areas have been prepped for tiling, cabinetry is 80% complete, install of internal doors has commenced.
  • Level 4 balcony tiling works has commenced, 60% of wall sheeting has been installed with 10% flushed and sanded.



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